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Core Values

Our Core Values

Why Choose Management Practices Group?

Because we’re experts.

We are nationally recognized, court-qualified experts in management practices, including those related to harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention and correction, workplace investigations, corrective action, information practices, critical thinking, and managerial decision-making. We know what works, and what doesn't, in today's workplace.

Because we’re lawyers.

We possess accurate, thorough, and current knowledge of US and global workplace law. We understand legal concepts—like privacy or retaliation—and how to apply them.

Because we’re business people.

We appreciate the necessity of practical, common-sense guidance relating to management of workplace and compliance issues. Our educational programs are about—and for—business and business people, not lawyers or academics.

Because we’re educators.

We understand that all learners do not learn in the same manner or at the same pace. Our hybrid educational programs incorporate multiple teaching methods and emphasize real learning. Our students master vital workplace skills, not just information.

Because we’re global thinkers.

We understand the challenges posed, and the opportunities afforded, to businesses, employees, and advisors who think and act globally.